Sub services

Live bands

·        They are the life of any party. A person who is well acquainted with the clubs knows that a live band performing can create such a huge craze in the audience. The famous bands know that tying up with us can prove to be a very profitable deal. And we have tried this on so many occasions, it has worked so well. The response was always great. So tell us your favourite band and we will try and get them onto the stage for a live performance. Or else we have tied with some of the best ones already so you don’t have to search for one. We have also wanted to try something new so we even invite you with your band to come to perform for us. Exposure will be great and not just that you won’t be disappointed with the paycheck either. We assure you that our music taste is on point and always at the trend.  And we respect your music too so do come and meet us with your offer. We would like to hear it. Also if there is a specific request, we can make the arrangement by getting in touch with the performers.


A lot of people like to go solo on stage and we respect that. So we have a special area for them. Solos are very much enjoyed by all like the live bands. Everything has its own place and time. It can be of your choice or ours. But you will definitely enjoy the evening with us that is a guarantee. The beautiful evening with drinks and snacks served at your seats and a partner to your side is what you have waiting for. Witness the most amazing vibes and feel the magic. You will go home with some tissues in your hand. We also give a special provision that you can get two different art performed on the same day of an event. For example a band and then a solo performance following it. We also understand how special it is when a close person of yours wants to perform so on demand we arrange a space for them. To make it an evening to remember we have included this on-demand request. Without this, a marriage or a birthday party feels incomplete without people singing and enjoying around. So be ready to roll at the music.


A musical group where people perform instrumental or vocal music. Some of it includes only of the instruments like the orchestra that is played. If you hear an orchestra before you would know for yourself that how relaxing it is. The music in itself is very soothing to the ears and then someone playing the instruments right in front of you is a treat to the ears. We would love you to feel the music like it’s in the air. So even if you never the chance before of listening to one come witness it now at our events organized just for you. We will be happy enough to entertain you with the latest track and notes. Music therapy is a thing, and it will be proven to you at the stage. Don’t stop yourself from going into that stage where only music is heard. Music will act as a meditative session that day. Happy listening and do support by sitting at the audience cheering for the group. They are on the stage with only one purpose that is to give you a little happiness and in return, we can increase their morale by paying attention.  


They have been since forever at all our events and fun. The ones who introduced us to the whole world of music and let us select our favourite among them. So how do we forget them now? We bring you the best DJs in town that will play the right notes at the right time. And even the ones that you want to introduce to us. We are with open hands to welcome new talent and different mixtures of the genre. So let’s get ready to give some of our moves at their playlists. Djs are literally everywhere even a small function has one of them to keep the party mood lit. The vibrant Roka ceremony or the sad bidayi they have all kinds of tunes to play for you. Do not stop at the marriage because they are so much more fun with the kids and their favourite songs to dance at. Come on let's show them some love by engaging and supporting their work. And how can you do that? Simply get on the dance floor. It is waiting for you to show your wild side.  Don’t wait for others and get the party started. So let’s rock and roll!


A music genre that is loved by so many. So we had to include this in our services.  It is seen as-as America’s classical music and now India’s most loved or wanted music. Jazz has certainly come a very long way. To people not wanting to accept anything new to people dancing to this new music, we have also come a long way in accepting music. The notes played in jazz are so intriguing you will never want to stop listening to them and we guess that is the reason for this change. For people who have the similar taste, we welcome you with your group and partners to have a mind-blowing experience. We would love to introduce new forms of jazz music even at your request. And once you have experienced our jazz nights, I assure you won’t be able to have another option than us. We can bet you on this. Drinks at your table and the correct temperature will set the right mood for you. If anything else is needed let us know and it will be handled.

World music

All of us have different tastes in music we respect that and so for that reason why just stop at one genre. We have stepped a little forward from our comfort zone and would need your support to bring on this new form. New for our usual style. Because of the cultural boundaries, we have tried to bring the world together by uniting its music. Like the western, folk, indigenous or the popular music. Others included in it. And here we present you world music for the ultimate experience. A high that is certainly not forbidden. World music has different kinds of listeners. Let us know what type of environment will give you the right feels. You may like different genres of music so we would take out time from our schedules and organize it in that way. Tell us your preference and it will be accordingly set. We don’t see it as trouble instead we like people who are choosy with their music style. Get your friends and lit up the party mood because we have just started. 


Real talent is rare, but we have found the rarest of rare and got them all at one stage. Singing is practised by so many but only a few of them touch other’s heart. We try to search exactly for those. For the people whom singing is none other than worship. P.s if you can recommend us people with the same talent what we are looking for we will be happy enough to give them a chance. Getting lost in someone’s melodious voice is actually our thing and we like to pass the good things to others. We encourage both young and old singers because for usage has always proved to be a number for talent. We get you the most talented and raw singers of our generation that will fill your heart with love. With the romantic songs on popularity, we also don’t forget the rock items. So dive into the pool of music and your favourite songs on board. Also, don’t forget to carry your playlists, you never know when you get lucky. Get the perfect exposure to music in your personal space shared by none other than your family and friends. 

Tribute acts

·        A tribute is an ode to someone who has shown excellence in all their lives and we respect them. A lot of tribute acts happen these days and a lot of them get wasted because it becomes more of a public display than a tribute to the person. A public or a social event is incomplete without tribute acts. So we generally keep tributes in contrary to the event that is taking place. Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar for her excellent showcase of talent in singing is one example. And when we have a public event that is related to singing we always include small tributes. We believe it should be given by someone who is also of the same rank and has shown excellence in that field. We love to conduct events like that and pay tributes to the deserving people. We have a special deal while conducting those events because they are generally not for profit making so we like to make it easy on the pockets also for the people organizing it. Do tell us your take on this event and we can have a better lookout.