Sub services

Animal Attractions

·        Not to be confused by the name we don’t mean to make a show of any animal. We love and respect them like humans and we expect the same from others. We believe animals are human best friends. So to harm them is to harm humanity. Our company promotes the protection of animals at every cost. No animals are hurt or harmed in any process. Thereby we have a separate event for this. One is to conduct an adoption drive and end of the day go home with a cute animal, a bundle of happiness. There are a lot of them waiting to be adopted by humble people like you. And we appreciated the fact that we can give them a new and happy life. Also if for some reason you cannot keep your pet with you because of several outings or no one to care for them, you can give them to our adoption drives. In that, someone else might adopt the pet and they can also be in a good and nurturing place. How many times have you left for pet alone at home because they are not allowed to accompany you? A lot of places are there, where getting your pet with you is strictly restricted. But not here, we love animals. So get your pets to the event and we promise they will also have a good time with other pets. Strict supervision will be given so don’t worry about their safety. Also, the other people would be happy to play with them. An event is an excuse to spend the day with your loved ones so why not with your pets too?  One more thing we can do is get different species of animals and spend a day with them. It has always proven to be a stress buster. We have heard of one such café where you can go for a dog therapy. Dogs are kept and properly fed there. People can go play with them and have a good time. This has really inspired our company. Any suggestions on this are most welcomed. We would like to help them in every way possible.

Party Rentals

1.     Who doesn’t like parties? But parties without proper setups can be boring. With our affordable package, we get you everything ranging from lights, setting up the stage, party chairs, dance floor, laser lights, floral decorations, bubble or smoke machines to literally everything. All this will set the mood in the right place. Bachelorette parties have become very trendy these days. Everyone wants to throw one for the bride and the groom. We understand that it is a one-time event and has to be on point and happening for all. The rental department will help you with your selection of items and can even advice you about how you can make the best use of it. You can talk to our planning head about how to go on with the event. Renting it from online sites might seem cheaper at first but the overall costs actually double up the whole price that you were trying to save. The staff will be there at your service if there is anything that you need help with. Because we have hosted events before also our staffs are quite knowledgeable in putting up the venue.  Don’t worry about the setting up and moving it down later because it is our job to take care of. Be it a birthday party or a live event we are prepared for all of it. We have also got you covered for the sangeet ceremony; so prepare your dance in the latest songs and we will get you the exact background. Have a great party with your friends and family and just enjoy the whole setting. You can keep the setting vibrant and joyous, full of light or a little private and a romantic one. It is up to your choice. If you want a double-themed party we can even get started with it. Our venues are all lit for your parties. We know how important it means to you, so we assure that we won’t let even a small mistake ruin it. We will always be right around the corner for any service. You can have the best deals tonight.

Theme Parties

·        Themes are now a way for any vibrant parties. It has now become the talk of the town. A unique theme means you have aced the most popular party title of that time. People are very curious to know what the theme was for any event that has happened in and around. And honestly, no one likes to overdo the same old repeated theme.  How do you boost in front of your colleagues then if you have reused the same theme for your party? Getting themes that have no one has ever thought of or done gets kind of difficult but no stressing out we are here to the rescue. You don’t have to scratch your head out for creative ideas because we will do that work for you. Tell us a little before time and we will use all our research time in finding you the best theme across the place. Our planners are very active and creative. They will make styles out of your visualizations. Even if you haven’t seen it in real but know what you are looking for, the work is sorted. Weddings are literally everyone’s dream so it has to be the most fairy tale experience for the bride and the groom to remember. Kids love the shin chan or doremon costumes, and not just their faces imprint on the cakes; they want the whole party to be themed that way. We know you want to make this special for your kid. And we would love to contribute in the same. Get together are so much more fun when everyone is dressed up because who said you are too old to try those things. Don’t believe people who say that your time is gone. Corporate meetings have already one fixed and that is formal suits. We don’t think all this as extra or over the top. You have all the right to celebrate it with the way you want. We work almost half of our lives to make the other half comfortable so don’t push back on your ideas and give it a shot. We are here to help you plan and implement the idea. 

Food & Drink

·        Food is the most important part of any event. It can either make or destroy a event. A good food can give you foodgasms for a long time and we understand that.  All the foodies of the house gather up. Critics are also welcomed because here we are with a full collection of every variety of food.  Starting from North Indian to Italian or Mediterranean and Thai cuisine. You name it and we have it. And for the specialty we can assure you for the yummiest chicken dish in the whole town. For pure vegetarians don’t you feel left out we have a different menu considering your needs and the yummy deserts to cover up all. Also a special menu for older people or the people who are on some dietary control. We have covered all so just let us know how you want it to be served. It can be buffet style or a proper restaurant style or else both combined. For drinks we have all kinds of wine and alcohol. To the most expensive one so that it gives you the ultimate delight and to the lighter ones. The way you prefer it, we serve you that way. We know the taste of a businessman and an adult who wants to drink his heart out. It can even be excluded from the menu easily for the people who are non drinkers. Instead of that cocktails and soft drinks will be served.  We give both the preferences. Head out and check it yourself. You can even taste the different cuisines before booking it. Our chefs will be very happy to hear what you want to include or exclude from the menu. We are glad to accept any change that you recommend. Food is considered a form of tribute to the gods. We are lucky to have it in abundance so we don’t like wasting it in any form. That is why we have introduced a policy of giving the leftover food to the poor and the needy. What you give comes back and we honestly support it. So help us in creating a better world for the people that live here. Also don’t forget to check out our other services that we offer you for your events.